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SvelteKit FAQ Page SEO

Getting Started with Astro: Build React & Svelte Islands

Getting started with Astro: using your existing React or Svelte skills to build island architected, partially hydrating fast, modern apps.

Readable and Writable Svelte Stores

Readable and Writable Svelte Stores: when to Use Each

Readable and writable Svelte stores: a look at a couple of use cases to explain when you would prefer one or the other for your app state.

SvelteKit FAQ Page SEO

SvelteKit FAQ Page SEO: add JSON-LD Schema

SvelteKit FAQ Page SEO: how you can use ❤️ Svelte's SEO friendliness to create a FAQ page with JSON-LD SchemaOrg SEO meta loved by Google.

Using FIDO U2F for GitHub SSH

Using FIDO U2F for GitHub SSH: using Secure Keys

Using FIDO U2F for GitHub SSH: how you can use secure keys to push code to your GitHub repository. We also see how to harden your SSH config.