SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image

SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image

SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image


πŸ”₯ SvelteKit WebP Background Image with Fallback

A SvelteKit Next-Gen background image is not too difficult to generate. In this video we clarify what we are taking about by Next-Gen background images. Then we see how you can use the vite-imagetools plugin automatically to generate WebP background images for you. These have the advantage of being smaller than less cutting-edge formats such as JPEG and PNG. The upshot is the page loads faster, users get a better experience and Google becomes more comfortable with ranking your site higher.

We are talking about an image that you set as the background of a DOM element using CSS. The trickiest part here is not creating the modern format image, but making sure a fallback JPEG is shown in browsers which don't yet support Next-Gen formats.

If you are looking for how to add responsive, Next-Gen images as img or picture elements, then you should certainly check out the recent article which covers exactly that.

πŸ“Ή SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image: Video

SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image

πŸ–₯ Code

Configure vite-imagetools

svelte.config.js β€” click to expand code.
1import adapter from '@sveltejs/adapter-static';
2import preprocess from 'svelte-preprocess';
3import { imagetools } from 'vite-imagetools';
5const config = {
6 preprocess: [
7 preprocess({
8 scss: {
9 prependData: "@import 'src/lib/styles/variables.scss';",
10 },
11 }),
12 ],
13 kit: {
14 adapter: adapter(),
15 // hydrate the <div id="svelte"> element in src/app.html
16 target: '#svelte',
17 vite: {
18 plugins: [imagetools({ force: true })],
19 },
20 },
23export default config;
Configuring vite-imagetools

SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image Svelte Code

src/routes/lazyload.svelte β€” click to expand code.
2 import { browser } from '$app/env';
3 import backgroundImage from '$lib/assets/sunflower.jpg';
4 import backgroundImageWebp from '$lib/assets/sunflower.jpg?format=webp';
6 function serveWebp() {
7 return browser && document.documentElement.classList.contains('webp');
8 }
10 const backgroundImageUsed = serveWebp() ? backgroundImageWebp : backgroundImage;
14 <title>Sunflower Poem</title>
15 <meta name="description" content="A poem about sunflowers" />
16 <meta name="theme-color" content="#ffdf00" />
17 <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/icons/icon-192x192.png" />
18 <script
19 async
20 integrity="sha384-xms8Nhw0czGEIWf0BZpCsaCY9PPeFf6bJ6cG0CNYoVvDK3M0146DNIywperKRSNI"
21 src="/modernizr-webp.js"
22 type="text/javascript"></script>
25<div class="container" style={`background-image: url(${backgroundImageUsed})`}>
26 <div class="panel">
27 <div class="content">
28 <h1>The Soul of the Sunflower</h1>
29 <h2>by Sara Jewett</h2>
30 <blockquote>
31 <p>The warm sun kissed the earth</p>
32 <p>To consecrate thy birth,</p>
33 <p>And from his close embrace</p>
34 <p>Thy radiant face</p>
35 <p>Sprang into sight,</p>
36 <p>A blossoming delight.</p>
37 </blockquote>
38 </div>
39 </div>
42<style lang="scss">
43 .container {
44 display: flex;
45 background-color: $color-theme-2;
46 background-position: center center;
47 background-size: cover;
48 width: 100%;
49 min-height: 100vh;
50 padding: $spacing-12;
51 }
53 .panel {
54 background: rgba($color-theme-3, $alpha: 0.81);
55 box-shadow: $spacing-0 $spacing-0 $spacing-1 $spacing-0 $color-theme-4;
56 border-radius: $spacing-4;
57 color: #502419;
58 margin: auto;
59 padding: $spacing-6 $spacing-24;
60 height: 100%;
61 }
63 .content {
64 padding: $spacing-4;
65 }
67 h1,
68 h2,
69 p {
70 font-family: Playfair Display, Times New Roman, Times, serif;
71 }
72 p {
73 font-weight: $font-weight-bold;
74 font-family: Lato, Playfair Display, Times New Roman, Times, serif;
75 font-size: $font-size-2;
76 }
SvelteKit Next-Gen Background Image: Svelte code.

You can see the full code for creating a SvelteKit Next-Gen background image on the Rodney Lab Git Hub repo .

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