SvelteKit File Based Routing Explained

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SvelteKit File Based Routing Explained


πŸ“‚ SvelteKit File Based Routing: Introduction

In this video we use SvelteKit file based routing to solve the problem of migrating your blog post paths from one path system to another. Along the way we see how to use load functions and implement redirects in SvelteKit as well as see how SvelteKit's Filesystem routing works.

Just for anyone used to American pronunciation, I pronounce the word β€œrouting” like β€œrooting” in this video (that is, the British pronunciation), hope that's not too confusing!

πŸ“Ή SvelteKit File Based Routing: Video

SvelteKit File Based Routing Explained

πŸ–₯ Code

<script context="module">
export async function load({ page }) {
const { slug } = page.params;
return {
status: 301,
redirect: `/${slug}`,
Redirect code from the SvelteKit File Based Routing Video

πŸ™πŸ½ SvelteKit File Based Routing: Feedback

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