Create Local PostgreSQL Databases using Supabase CLI

Create Local PostgreSQL Databases

Create Local PostgreSQL Databases using Supabase CLI


🌟 How to Spin up a PostgreSQL Development Server with Supabase CLI

There are several reasons you might want to create local PostgreSQL databases. You might be trying out Prisma (as suggested in this video). Alternatively you might need a local development database for an API you are building. Whatever your reason, you will see it can be pretty quick to create local PostgreSQL databases using Supabase CLI.

An alternative is Docker Compose, though you will see Supabase uses this method, behind the scenes, saving you having to create the docker-compose.yml file. Anyone let's crack on and see just how we can do the magic.

📹 Create Local PostgreSQL Databases: Video

Create Local PostgreSQL Databases using Supabase CLI

🖥 Code

Installing Docker

You need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your machine to run Supabase CLI.

# macOS
brew install docker
docker --version
docker-compose --version
Installing Docker

For Linux there are detailed instructions on the Docker site . You can see additional macOS installation instructions on the Docker site . There are also Windows Docker installation instructions there.

Installing Supabase CLI

One-off Supabase setup:

pnpm install-g supabase
Installing Supabase CLI

Spinning up a Local PostgreSQL Database

In your project folder, just run these two commands:

supabase init
supabase start
Spinning up a Local PostgreSQL Database

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