Using Local Storage with Svelte Stores in SvelteKit

Using Local Storage with Svelte Stores

Using Local Storage with Svelte Stores in SvelteKit


🖥 Using Local Storage with Site Themes

In this video we look at how you might use Local Storage with SvelteKit to keep track of which theme a user prefers on your site. It is becoming more common to have light and dark themes on sites. This makes it a great time to look at how you can use Local Storage with Svelte stores to implement the functionality. We start by comparing Local Storage to Session Storage and cookies. We then look at a naïve implementation and finally a reusable, scalable implementation leveraging Svelte stores. On top we see how you can debug Local Storage code using browser developer tools.

I hope there's at least one thing you find interesting in there. If there is then why don't roll the video!

📹 Using Local Storage with Svelte Stores: Video

Using Local Storage with Svelte Stores

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🖥 Using Local Storage with Site Themes: Code

Svelte Store linked to Local Storage

1import { browser } from '$app/env';
2import { writable } from 'svelte/store';
4const defaultValue = 'summer';
5const initialValue = browser ? window.localStorage.getItem('theme') ?? defaultValue : defaultValue;
7export const theme = writable<string>(initialValue);
9theme.subscribe((value) => {
10 if (browser) {
11 window.localStorage.setItem('theme', value);
12 }
15export { theme as default };

Reading from the Store

1<script lang="ts">
2 import Card from '$lib/components/Card.svelte';
3 import theme from '$lib/shared/stores/theme';
4 import '$lib/styles/styles.css';
5 import { summerTheme } from '$lib/styles/themes/summerTheme.css';
6 import { winterTheme } from '$lib/styles/themes/winterTheme.css';
7 import { heading, main } from './index.css';
9 $: themeIsSummer = $theme === 'summer';
10 $: currentTheme = themeIsSummer ? summerTheme : winterTheme;
13<!-- svelte-ignore component-name-lowercase -->
14<main class={`${main} ${currentTheme}`}>
15 <Card>
16 <h1 class={heading}>SvelteKit Local Storage</h1>
17 </Card>

Writing to the Store

1<script lang="ts">
2 import theme from '$lib/shared/stores/theme';
3 import '$lib/styles/styles.css';
4 import { summerTheme } from '$lib/styles/themes/summerTheme.css';
5 import { winterTheme } from '$lib/styles/themes/winterTheme.css';
6 import '@fontsource/source-sans-pro/400.css';
7 import '@fontsource/source-serif-pro/400.css';
8 import { container, containerMain, header, themeButton } from './layout.css';
10 $: themeIsSummer = $theme === 'summer';
11 $: currentTheme = themeIsSummer ? summerTheme : winterTheme;
12 $: buttonText = themeIsSummer ? 'Summer theme' : 'Winter theme';
13 $: buttonAriaLabel = themeIsSummer ? 'Switch to Winter theme' : 'Switch to Summer theme';
14 $: buttonStyle = `${themeButton} ${currentTheme}`;
17<div class={`${container} ${containerMain} ${currentTheme}`}>
18 <!-- svelte-ignore component-name-lowercase -->
19 <header class={header}>
20 <button
21 aria-label={buttonAriaLabel}
22 class={buttonStyle}
23 on:click={() => (themeIsSummer ? theme.set('winter') : theme.set('summer'))}
24 >{buttonText}</button
25 >
26 </header>
27 <slot />

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