stylelint for SvelteKit: Keep your SCSS Code Consistent

stylelint for SvelteKit

stylelint for SvelteKit: Keep your SCSS Code Consistent


πŸ’„ stylelint SvelteKit: Keeping it Clean

stylelint is a rather lovely little tool for keeping your code consistent. It is a must have if you want to impress future employers skimming through you open source code on GitHub. Equally, it is indispensable for any team that wants to keep their code base consistent. In this short video we see how you can use stylelint for SvelteKit. We start from square one, installing all the necessary packages, the VSCode extension. Additionally, we even look at how to integrate stylelint for SvelteKit into you Continuous Integration (CI) process.

Although we don't look at it in the video, there is a link for the a11y accessibility stylelint plugin lower down. If you are using vanilla CSS in SvelteKit check out the more specific post on that.

πŸ“Ή stylelint for SvelteKit: Video

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πŸ–₯ Code


pnpm i -D stylelint stylelint-config-standard stylelint-config-recommended-scss stylelint-scss
Install stylelint base and SCSS packages.

Configuration File

2 "extends": "stylelint-config-recommended-scss",
3 "rules": {
4 "color-named": "never",
5 "font-family-name-quotes": "always-where-required",
6 "font-weight-notation": "named-where-possible",
7 "function-url-no-scheme-relative": true,
8 "function-url-quotes": "always",
9 "string-quotes": "single",
10 "value-keyword-case": "lower",
11 "unit-disallowed-list": [],
12 "max-empty-lines": 2,
13 "no-descending-specificity": true,
14 "no-duplicate-selectors": true,
15 "font-family-no-missing-generic-family-keyword": null,
16 "property-no-unknown": [
17 true,
18 {
19 "ignoreProperties": ["/^lost-/"]
20 }
21 ]
22 },
23 "ignoreFiles": ["node_modules/*", "src/assets/**", "build/**", "src/lib/styles/normalise.css"],
24 "defaultSeverity": "error"
stylelint configuration example.

stylelint SvelteKit CLI Command

npx stylelint "**/*.{css,scss,svelte}"
stylelint CLI command.

stylelint SvelteKit package.json Customisations

1"scripts": {
2 "lint:scss": "stylelint "src/**/*.{css,scss,svelte}""
4"husky": {
5 "hooks": {
6 "commit-msg": "commitlint -E HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS",
7 "pre-commit": "pnpm run prettier:check && pnpm run lint:scss"
8 }
stylelint package.json customisations.

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